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Comfort mask (NON SANITARY)

This aims to protect the healthy population, in addition to the essential barrier gestures against Coronavirus.

These masks, unlike surgical or FFP2 for example, only stop the saliva splashes of the wearer, the droplets on which the virus travels.

100% cotton


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Thus, these protective masks for the general public avoid being contaminated only if all the people around us wear them.

This general or alternative mask is made of washable fabric and can therefore be reused several times.

In general, the existing recommendations for surgical masks apply to "barrier" cloth masks: do not exceed a wearing time of more than four hours and do not reuse a mask removed from the face without having washed it.

How to use your mask properly: practical advice

How to put on and take off your mask?
Before putting on or taking off the mask
• Wash your hands with soap or water or an alcohol-based solution.

To put on the mask:
• Hold the mask by the elastic straps
• Always check when you put it on that the mask fits properly and covers your mouth and nose.

To remove it:
• Unhook the elastic straps to peel off the mask from your face.
When should you change your mask?
• When you have worn the mask 4h.
• When you want to eat or drink.
• If the mask gets wet.
• If the mask is damaged.
What you should not do
• Once the mask is adjusted, avoid touching it and moving it.
• Never put him in a waiting position on the forehead or on the chin.
• Do not put the mask in your pocket or bag after wearing it. While waiting to wash it, isolate it in a plastic bag.
• Please note, if you are sick, this mask is not suitable. Ask for your doctor's opinion.
The mask is washable, how to maintain it?
If the mask is washable, wash it in the machine with detergent for at least 30 minutes at 60 ° C minimum.

After washing, dry the entire mask. The inner layers should also be completely dry. To do this, you can:
• use a dryer, making sure to clean the dryer filters and wash your hands afterwards;
• use a hair dryer;
• air dry your mask on a clean, disinfected support;
• iron your mask at the temperature indicated by the manufacturer.